The client:

Upscale American clothing brand

The need:

Get a 360-degree view of the viable marketplace, including customers and non-customers, and taking into account the brand’s in-store and ecommerce presence

The solution:

Comprehensive research initiative over several months, incorporating the following:

  • Collaboration with internal clients on an online survey among current customers to understand who they are and what they buy

  • Traditional focus groups to gather information on how consumers in the marketplace think about and buy clothing and uncover perceptions of the client and competitive brands in the marketplace

  • Ethnographies beginning in the home and moving to the retail store, to gain an in-depth profile of consumers’ sense of style and get their impressions of the store experience, including layout, offerings, and service

  • In-store intercept interviews in locations across the country, to understand motivators of visiting the store, profile what was purchased, and garner response to an upcoming collection